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Latest Corsair iCUE install but does not create application icon or start menu. Corsair K55 keyboard G keys produce random commands when programed


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Following will solve the install issue of the latest iCUE application and fixing the random command programing the G macro keys. Excellent product, but........

iCUESetup_4.16.194_release.msi installs without completely but does not launch, does not create a start or functional icon to start the application.

Solution:  Uninstall Corsair Icue application .  Reboot.   Install an older version of 4 series. (Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.9.9.3.zip is good) (Not the 3 version).  reboot.. Now install the lates version. In my case I installed iCUESetup_4.16.194_release.msi.   Application works but does not install the Corsair K55 keyboard functionality G key programing.  A pop up will instruct to install the following Stream Deck driver.

Install Stream_Deck_5.1.1.14737.msi according to the iCue instruction (or manually install) in order to gain functionality with the ICUE application using the keyboard G macro programable key.  Do not use the keymapping of Stream Deck.. Go into the ICUE application to map the G1-6 keys.  

ALL above installs originated from the an ORIGINAL problem with my Corsair out of the box. Random keystroke output when programing G keys.  The mapping of the keys programmed from keyboard (with no computer application) produced a bunch of RANDOM key strokes that caused multiple running of all types of strange application on my windows screen when ever a G key was programmed.  .  With the iCUE application/Stream Deck, all the mapping works great.   

Both the keyboard and iCUE application has some careless code/firmware that does NOT work with all the computer. Took me a few hours to figure out the solution.  My computer is not special.  Just a Dell I7 processor running Windows 10.

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