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Some leds flashing in different colores when rainbow effect is on.


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Hello people, i'm having this issue, it's here just from the 1st day, the keyboard is now 2 weeks ans still the same problem, i donwloaded 2 versiones of CUE 2 and still here.

The problema is jsut when i have turned on the rainbow effects... no matter if it's on low medium or high speed, some leds make milisecond flashes of other colors (generally red green or blue, but i have saw white flashes too).

I have not seen any post about this problema so i decided to make it.

All other things about the keyboard are OK, all illumination profiles work good, the keyboard have never get bugged o freezed, i can download profiles from internet and they works ok, ALL is ok, i only have this issue, the flashes in different colors of somekeys when the rainbow effect is on.

Do you have this problem?

How did you fixed it if so?

Should i send my keyboard to rma?


PLZ, excuse my bad english, if you can't understand some part of the text, answer and i try to rewrite it better.

Wait for your answers, thanks and have a good day! :biggrin:

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I have heard of this issue but i think it was related to USB ports.


Make sure you have the latest USB chipset drivers, Windows update, BIOS, etc installed.

Have you tried a different USB port?

Try the keyboard on another computer and see whether the issue is still present.


Is this occurring for only advanced lighting effects?

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My mobo is the asrock b150m hds.. probably that's the problema, the usb port can be not enough for handle the complete rainbow animation and that's why my keyboard do tihs flashes... But don't really know, now i'm downloading thje intel driver update utility, just for scan my current drivers.

Is really neccesary update the BIOS ? i have never update one, and i'm worried about make some thing bad.

Can i check the keyboard in a usb 2.0 port or it can't work ok in that usb ports?

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