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K95 Platinum Volume Wheel = garbage?


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Hi guys, yesterday I received my brand new K95 Platinum with Speed Switches. While overall build quality looks okish to me (compared to my 4 year old K90) the volume wheel feels way worse.


Sometimes theres a resistence while scrollung throw the volume (I have different speaker setups und headphones, which means sometimes I will scroll from low volumes like 5-10% to max volume for bluetooth headphones, which adjust their volume by themselves, etc). The experience is just not smooth (not even considering the price tag here ...)


Also when I spin the wheel and push on top of it theres a slight "click-sound" which only reproduces ones, until I spin the wheel further, then I can "click it" again.


No such problems on my K90, where I always enjoyed the volume wheel for its "quality feeling"


Is this just a problem of mine or is it the case on all K95 Platinum? Since almost no retailer in Germany has the Platinum with Speed Switches in Stock and I would hate to RMA a brand new keyboard I've though it would be best to ask for other opinions.


Your help is appreciated.

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