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I need help choosing the right Corsair Keyboard


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Ok, so recently I've been quite stuck on these keyboards (the K65 LUX RGB and the K70 LUX RGB) I try to tell everyone I know who knows a lot about PC's and it's basically mixed reactions.


Some people say the K65 is great because of it's compact size and such, but other people are disagreeing because it only comes in Cherry MX Red's and I dislike silent key switches like the Speed's.


Same with the K70, some people say it's bad because you don't get enough room to move your mouse around when compared to the K65, but other people say it's easier to type on and it has MX Browns and Blues and such.


Now, the help I need.

I like clicky keyboards, and cannot stand silent ones. I drove up to Best Buy to try out the K65 with the Red's and it seemed like a good typing experience. I do indeed like it.


So should I get the K70, and if yes, should I get it with Brown switches or Blue switches?

Or go with a K65 and go with the Reds?






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As you have seen, The responses you have received are all subjective. Find the keyboard that you prefer the most.


Some things to consider; Do you want portability? Do you use the Numlock keys? Do you prefer dedicated media keys?, Have limited table space? Etc.

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  • Corsair Employee

Food for thought.


How often do you use your number pad keys? I personally don't use it too often but I it would make life much easier if it was there when i need it. As Toasted said, it is subjective. Some prefer K65 because it doesn't stress out their shoulders like a longer keyboard would, but that doesn't affect me. Are you coming from a full size keyboard? If so, just stick with 104 keys unless you want to try something different.

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