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Computer Crashing... >8k errors in memtest


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Before I begin here are my specs:


Computer 1 specs (the crashing PC)

- i7 4790k @ Stock

- Corsair vengeance pro 32GB DDR3 @ 2400mhz (default for this ram)

- MSI R9 390 @ stock (was @ 1175 MHz in afterburner with +80 mv, +50% power limit)

- Asus maximus VII formula

- EVGA Supernova 750w G2


Computer 2 specs (the testing PC)

- i5 2500

- Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz

- Asus P8Z68-M Pro

- Asus GTX 560TI



Temps/random notes:

CPU core temps appear to be on the higher side though never above 90 under load. I just finished this watercooling loops so I probably need to reseat the block/re-apply thermal paste. The VRM stays around 50 under load.


GPU core temps never goes above 65 under load. GPU VRM gets up to 103 though I've read that is normal for a GPU VRM.


EDIT 9/1/2017 @ 1:30 AM: After one of the crashes while stress testing during gaming the PC crashed and rebooted to a screen saying the CPU overheated. Unfortunately I didn't catch the temp of the CPU however after rebooting and performing a stress test with logging to another PC enabled it look like the CPU temps are reaching above 95c. What I don't get though it that it sometimes crashes while idling when the CPU temps are around 50C. So while overheating is now officially an issue I'm not convinced it's the root cause, see point 1 in my "tested" section. I'm going to be taking apart my loop and reseating the CPU & CPU block. I've also just ordered a flowmeter to make sure that there is actually flow in my loop.


Watercooling Loop Specs


Will post pictures tonight


- 16mm acrylic hard tubing

- 1x280mm cool stream ce rad

- 1x360mm cool stream pe rad

- ek day res w/ ek d5 pump

- ek supremecy evo

- ek r9 390 waterblock





The crashing started just under a week ago. What happens is it will crash randomly when gaming/idling/booting... basically at any point. Sometimes it will continue to crash (as seen in the video below) and powering it off via the PSU switch and back on will fix the issue. Over the past few days issue has gotten much worse and the pc is crashing quite a bit but with no way to reproduce the crashing...


Recent changes to build before crashing:


So before my Christmas break everything was working like normal. After my Christmas break is when it started crashing. During the break the following things were changed:


  1. Hardline watercooling (24hr leak tested, system powered off) w/ this pump
  2. Added Mushkin Reactor 1TB SSD
  3. Added Silverstone fan hub
  4. Redid cable management
  5. Added sleeved SATA Data cables from Dazmode



What I've tested/Tried:

  1. Resetting BIOS settings and removing my modest 4.4GHz CPU overclock. Since doing this the CPU actually runs hotter since in stock it appears to use more voltage when boosting to 4.4, compared to when I just had it OC'd to 4.4 all the time.
  2. Unplugging all cheap Chinese LED strips thinking that one might be shorting(still crashes)
  3. Did a janky test to see if my PSU is overheating. It has an eco mode which the fan only kicks in when the PSU temp is >40 celsius. When I switched it into eco mode the fan wasn't spinning, thus I don't think the PSU is above 40 celsius.
  4. Ran memtest with my 32GB kit in computer 1 (1345 errors, still crashes though the memtest never crashed) - See attached file for raw results
  5. Ran memtest with my 16GB kit in computer 2 (0 errors) - See attached file for raw results
  6. Ran memtest with my 32GB kit in computer 2 (19 errors) - See attached file for the raw results
  7. Ran memtest with my test 16GB kit in computer 1 (8393 errors, didn't crash during memtest however the ram was not used during a normal session such as gaming) - see attached file for raw results
  8. Ran memtest with 4GB of the 16GB kit in DRAM slot A1 in Computer 1 (0 errors) - See attached file
  9. Ran memtest with 4GB of the 16GB kit in DRAM slot A2 in Computer 1 (0 errors) - See attached file
  10. Ran memtest with 4GB of the 16GB kit in DRAM slot B1 in Computer 1 (0 errors) - See attached file
  11. Ran memtest with 4GB of the 16GB kit in DRAM slot B2 in Computer 1 (0 errors) - See attached file
  12. Try unplugging silverstone fan controller, see if it still crashes (it does)
  13. Reseated CPU Block & Clean out loop, temps went down quite a bit which is good but it still crashes
  14. RMA my ram and ran memtest on the replacement... still, 400 errors and then it crashed
  15. Ran memtest on the replacement ram in my second computer, 0 errors


Possibly a memory controller issue? Looking at the last few things I've tried above..


To test:

  1. Try unplugging new 1TB ssd, see if it still crashes


Further notes:

To check if the computer crashes I have been performing normal tasks such as: Gaming for a few hours, letting the computer idle for a few hours and running Aida 64. It normally crashes during the gaming sessions but sometimes it will crash while idling. After crashing most of the time it will reboot fine but occasionally it will go crazy as seen in this video: [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNUFenePRYY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNUFenePRYY[/ame]


Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

Mem test results.zip

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