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H1200 USB dongle issue


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So recently i bought a Vengance 2100 headset through Amazon but i recived them without the USB dongle. First i thought no big deal because i could still use them plugged in to the PC, but, to set them up i still need the dongle. I contacted amazon and the said they could only make a full refund or a 20% refund and i took the 20% hoping to be able to buy the dongle separatly in a local store. Problem is, according to the Corsair web page, the only re-seller that might have that in Argentina (yes im from Argentina) does not operate with Corsair anymore (i contacted them) so i dont know what to do. If there is a way to use the headset without the dongle please let me know, and if thats not the case, please tell me were i can buy this.



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I would suggest creating a ticket in our user portal https://corsair.secure.force.com/home/home.jsp, provide us with a proof of purchase or receipt we would be able to assist you.


(check in the earcups if the dongle is there, sometimes its hidden! If not you'll have to create a ticket.)


The only proof i have that i bought the product is the amazon page saying the item was bought and delivered. I hope that helps but i cant attach anything to the ticket so i dont know how im supposed to prove my purchase.

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