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Intermittent iCue Issues


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Looking for some support on an intermittent issue I'm having with my iCue / lighting setup.


My Setup:


1. Commander Pro 1 : 6 x LL140 Fans

2. Commander Pro 2 : 6 x LL120 Fans

3. Commander Pro 3 : 4 x LL120 Fans

4. Corsair LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit

5. Asus X399 Zenith Extreme

6. GTX 1080Ti's in SLI

7. 8 x 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Modules


Additional Setup notes:

- All lights are powered up and light up fine; I've set them all to run yellow in line with my EK yellow cryofuel watercooling.


- I can see all items listed above inside iCue and can adjust all colours without issue with the exception of 1 x LL120 fan which only has 3 of it's LEDs lit up on the outer ring


My Issue:

- When I power down my machine and/ or restart (without turning off PSU from the back), when it reboots I lose visibility of one of the commander Pro's in iCue.


- The LED Strips and 2 of the fans also change from Yellow to Rainbow wave when I restart in this manner. Im unable to change the colour on these items as the Commander Pro is no longer visible to iCue.


- If I power down, turn off the PSU, then power back up it all works fine (with the exception of that one LL120).


- Occasionally, maybe every 3 - 4 restarts - the fan that I mentioned earlier that fails to light up fully - lights up fully - with 3 of its LEDs in yellow and the rest in white but it is connected to the Commander Pro that I lose visibility of.


- This issue did not happen when my Motherboard & Graphics cards were controlled by Asus Aura (pre-iCue Motherboard integration).



Any ideas what could be the issue guys?


Thanks in advance,

Lord Bison

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