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cx750m different modular plug?


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I purchased a stock PC, went to install my GeForce 970 only to find it had a wimpy 300W PS. Fortunately, I had a cx750m available. Unfortunately, the DVD drive uses some kind of small power plug that looks like a SATA plug but small, and it only has a red & black wire that came from the original PS. Picture attached. Anyway, I need to know with there is modular adapter for this plug that works with my cx750m.


The two pictures show the plug and the back of the DVD drive. The cable connected, I assume is a mini-SATA connector for data. The other slot next to the cable plugged into the drive is the one that comes from the PS and has the same keyed appearance as the mini SATA plug, but a bit smaller. The DVD drive is what comes on the newer HP Envy 750-124 computer.






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Added new pics to first post.


Follow-up: I put in a Ticket to Corsair and received the following response:




We're sorry to inform you we do not have this type of cable, you might have to contact HP support for this cable or purchase adapter from other manufacture."


Corsair is a leading PSU manufacturer and given HP isn't exactly a lightweight computer manufacturer, it seem odd Corsair would not accommodate the newer DVD drive power connection.


At this time, BEFORE you buy a Corsair supply, make sure it has the necessary connectors..... lesson learn for me.

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  • Corsair Employee

Yeah, sorry, all our PSUs are configured within the standard ATX specification. All the connectors that we've included are all by spec. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/insidethepc/tp/atx-pinout-power-supply.htm


You can always get an adapter like this, http://www.amazon.com/Syba-Cable-Molex-Adapter-CL-CAB40042/dp/B005BCNAWM

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