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H110igtx Fan extreme loud 4500 rpm


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I have a question :


When playing games my CPU watercooling Fans Start going mad as soon as my CPU Hits 50degree Celsius.... Its extreme noisy and i dont know why. All the sudden my fans from my h110igtx rotate at 4500rpm.. I cant stop that ... After 10 Minutes of Gaming this will allways happen.


My System :


2x 980 ti Windforce Extreme Edition 6700k Skylake Gigabyte z170 Gaming 7 16 gb ddr4 geil Lucy RAM


Watercooling CPU : corsair h110igtx


Im currently playing Overwatch (1440p res, 120-250 fps , gpu Max temp is 71 and cpu is about 40-55 )


Please help me i have for the newest Version of corsair Link and used the Different Profiles but they all have the Same Problem ....


"Speed fan " cant detect any Fans . And i cant find a way to adjust Fanspeed in corsair Link . And When using Gigabyte App Center i can Control all Fans but not from my AIO watercooling ...


Should i buy Other Fans? Can Limit rpm somehow?


Thank you !!

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Is there no other way to adjust fan Speed ? Should i replace my Fans ? And which one should i buy?


If you wish the case fan speed to be controlled by the cooler coolant temperature then a CL Mini is the only easy solution, though it would in theory be possible to develop you own software to do this.


You need to specify which temperature you wish to use to control which fan otherwise I can't tell you what is possible.


You can use your motherboard's fan control (if available) to control the fans as well.


He could not use the cooler coolant temperature to control the case fan speeds.

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