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AX860i failed self test RMA:6740181


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Good day chaps,

last wednesday (10/02/2016) my AX860i failed :mad: subsequently I sent it off for RMA after a week of no updates I left a comment asking what was going on with it, this morning I got a replay saying

"Hi Joe,


Unfortunately we did not receive an AX860i PSU, we receive a TX850. If you have a proof of purchase for this PSU, we can replace it. We cannot replace the AX PSU, since we have not received this item. Please see pictures, that are provided in your ticket.


Thank you."


What do you think would be the correct steps from here?

Obviously I have replied saying there must have been a mix up at their end but is there anything else I should try?


Thanks in advance!

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5 days since my only update on the PSU.

Despite the fact I have commented every day since then requesting an update there has been nothing.

Definitely won't be using Corsair RMA again & when I upgrade my machine next time I will be considering different brands, really disappointed so far.

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PSU arrived at Bolton RMA, Wednesday 17th I was told that they received a TX850 not the AX860i I sent them. After replying to their comment saying that it was a obviously a mix up their end I haven't heard back since! I have commented every day asking for an update on the location of my AX680i but I haven't heard a thing.


Really disappointed with this RMA experience.


So what do I do now? wait even longer not knowing or go and buy another PSU from a different company?


RMA: 6740181



UPDATE: RMA has been resolved!

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