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K70 Number Key Problem


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The top row of numbers on my K70 have started to display very weird behavior.


For example, if I press "1", I get:




If I press "2" I get:




If I press "3" I get:




and so on.


If I press the lighting button, the number keys will display different types of behavior, depending on which lighting level I'm at. On some lighting levels, pressing a number key will just do something like repeat the tilde forever.


This is just in regard to the top row of numbers. Keypad numbers are fine.


The keyboard is about a month old. Worked fine up until today. Now, full disclosure: I pressed as many keys as possible to show off its anti-ghosting ability to a friend, and this behavior showed up almost immediately after.


Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I had tried them all last night to no avail. Even plugged it into both my laptops and the behavior was the same.


Oddly, I came home from work today, and it's no longer exhibiting this behavior. Fingers crossed that whatever the issue was, it's fixed itself. :)

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