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750D side panel.


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Thank you, I'm considering rebuilding my computer back into either the 750D or the 730T but I don't like the window in the 750D. I'm also considering the airflow front panel.


After further consideration, I think that I'll go with the 730T, no need to buy new panels, it's slightly bigger and I can fit 1 or 2 fans into the side panel and I can go back to using my H110i GT. Then I can sell the 750D and the Thermaltake 10 GT either as just cases or one of them as a working system, 3570K, 16 Gb ddr3, GTX770 and 240 mm water cooler.


I looked at the 900D, very nice, but it's awfully big (and awfully expensive) and my wife would probably kill me if I bought another case for nearly £300.

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I soooooooo wish that I hadn't looked at the 900D. Are the 2 side panels interchangeable, so that I can fit a solid panel on the left side? Please tell me that they aren't.


Too late, I'm ordering one on Friday for delivery on Saturday, yhen I can try the panels for myself. If they aren't interchangeable, I guess that I will have to start liking window cases, or else do a really tidy build, which shouldn't be hard.


It arrived on Saturday and I can confirm that the panels are interchangeable, so if I really can't live with the window I can swap it to the right, which will be against the wall, as this case is so big that it won't fit on my desk lengthways.

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