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RMA AX1200i dying


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Hi there,


My ticket number is 6735352. The RMA has been approved but can you please make sure they send the new psu to my UK address. I've sent tech support a message about my updated profile address, but it still shows my Singapore address in the shipping address.


Also am I really expected to send the broken PSU all the way back to Taiwan? It'll cost me the same as buying a new PSU so kinda defeats the objective no?



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Hi Technobeard,


Can you please give your support guys a kick, Same RMA ticket number. One month later still no expedited RMA PSU in sight. They sent the first one to my old address in Singapore despite me telling them my new address in the UK many many times and explaining this to them in triplicate. They are now telling me DHL, who deliver to me on a weekly basis, cant find my address and have tried to call me...... doh. I've asked for proof and or a DHL tracking number which they seem to just ignore conviently.


Your support has been v good over the years but my patience is wearing thin now. They just appear to ignore messages and then answer them in some random fashion.


Thx in advance

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