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Cable ATX RM850X


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Hi verybody, i need one ATXcable for my new Rm 850X and I buy this one :




i think is the same than this one one the official web site:




but after reception of it, i saw the number of pins are not same on the powersupplies side than the original cable . but is it a problem ? can i use it on my rm850X?


i dont want to crash my new config or powersupplies just for a cable . but i need one ATX cable.

Where can i buy the right cable ATX for Rm850X ?


thank you for your future answer ;)


(sorry if my english are not clear ^^ i try to be .)

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The materiel.net page lists the part number as CP-8920073. This cable is for the AX760/860 only. Here's its product page: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/individually-sleeved-ax-860-760-atx-24pin-generation-2-red



The other part you linked to (CP-8920057) is also on materiel.net: http://www.materiel.net/cable-pour-tuning-pc/corsair-axi-cable-alimentation-atx-rouge-gen-2-92521.html

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