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Carbide 500r I/O panel wiring burned- help!


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Recently I bought a 2nd-hand 500r Carbide case.

I built my first PC, & everything worked fine, but then I smelt burning coming from inside the case.


One of the wires (+ or -) part of the fan circuit on the I/O was completely singed, so I instantly disconnected the fans from the PSU.

My PC works fine without the fans because the fans aren't connected to the motherboard.


At first I thought maybe the issue was with the I/O panel, so I ordered a 2nd one, reconnected everything and then when I turned the PC on I smelt burning again. The same wire was singed again.


I've now concluded that the issue is probably to do with my PSU.

I have a Enermax Platimax 1350w PSU.


I'm a noob and sincerely would appreciate all the help I can get.

If anyone here knows the circuit well, please look at the pictures below.

I wrapped the singed wire in a blue casing.







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