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bad module xms 256


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i believe i have a bad module i have crashed several times. I have also tested my pc at pc pitstop and it tells you where your memory is located and how many slot available. I have 4 slots all with xms 256 in them. It always follows one stick in any slot. it shows that i have 256 in 3 and 0 in the other one. and tells me that i have 1 slot available??? any help would be greatly appreciated!!


p4 2.8ghz 800fsb

Gigabyte 8ipe 1000 pro

radeon 9800 pro 256 video card

2 wd 80 gig hdd

Had 4 corsair xms256a-3200c2

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i tested them in an asus board that my buddy has and one stick showed it had 255 and recognized it. put it back in my mobo and windows recognizes it but not all other things do?? could it be my mobo that wont let it run at 255 since it is supposed to be 256?? i have had all 4 sticks running in my pc for about a year now..
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