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Volume Control Win8.1 x64


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The Volume-Controll-Roller of the K95RGB always changes the System-Volume by two steps. (example from 20 directly up to 22, or from 15 directly down to 13)

I want to change it step by step (20 to 21, 22, and so on or 15 to 14 to 13 and so on)

I like this Roller a lot, but I want it to be as acurate as Windows and not to chance always two steps in one.

Is this the standard-behavier? Why not step by step?

Is there any Solution to change the volume step by step?

Sorry for the poor english, I got no reactions to my question in the german forum.

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from what i understand this is not possible because the value of the increase is controlled by windows. CUE simply sends a message to windows saying increase the volume. it doesnt get to define a value.

I disagree. There are two methods in the IAudioEndpointVolume interface which behave like you've described (VolumeStepUp and VolumeStepDown). However, the same interface also has other methods which allows one to set any given value.

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