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Lighting Lag During Synthetic Benchmarks


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So this post is neither to point out a flaw in the keyboard but to share a finding.


Earlier today I was running CPU benchmarks to stress test my overclocks and I noticed that while it was running, the animated lighting profile on my keyboard started to lag and become choppy. I assume this is because the stress testing utility took priority of all the CPU cores and left the CorsairHID.exe (CUE) process less processing power to work with. I was pretty panicked at first as I thought I found another firmware/keyboard bug, but hey, some new info for me and maybe for you guys too.

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Keyboard connected via USB2?

I just tested it with running prime95 and the animations were fluid (3-5 minimal/short stutters in a minute). My keyboard is connected via an USB3 port.


Since the computational effort of the USB2 protocol is on the CPU in contrast to USB3 were the chipset is taking over most of the work, that could explain why the bandwidth of USB2 is worse on high CPU load which leads to choppy animations?!


Just guessing here. But thanks for sharing your experience!

One reason more, that hopefully in the future, the animations can be stored/cached and run on the keyboard itself.



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I also had the lighting effect lag while playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate. It is just a simple ripple effect of black and white. Does this mean I have to plug the keyboard to USB3 to avoid the lag?


the port shouldnt matter that much its mostly CUE not getting enough CPU power. i would check your CPU usage and if itsnear max maybe look for upgrade

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