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Is there a H110 Bracket kit to buy ???


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Really amazed the H110 backplate is made of plastic.


I have strong fingers so i happened to twist a little to hard and now one of the female metallic plugs in the plastic back plate has twisted around because the plastic gave in.


Well it is my fault since i did not notice the potential problem the bad quality plastic back plate could present.


Where can i buy a H110 Bracket kit ???


One word of advice, you could learn a thing or two from other manufacturers like Noctua. We had a Noctua CPU cooler with a metallic back plate for testing that we moved around to over 100 motherboards. After all that mounting it still worked like new.

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When I used to review coolers I ran into this. The backplate Asetek uses for their coolers has this problem; you can overtorque the screws mounted into the backplate and actually twist the metal mounting peg itself, stripping the plastic around it. It's not that hard to do.


Definitely have customer service send you a new backplate.

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