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Corsair Force LS is too slow on MBP Mid 2012


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Today I bought corsair force ls and replace it with my macbook pro's hdd. I've installed os x and tried to do some speed tests. After test I was very surprised... Test results says that writing speed is 95-100 MB and reading speed is 350-460 MB.


Anyone who knows why is it so slow ? Please help me..




Macbook Pro (mid 2012) - (Macbook Pro 9.2)

Corsair Force LS 120 GB

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For Windows, if you want to see if your drive performs within Corsair's advertised speeds, you would use ATTO.


As for Mac, an older version of Black Magic Speed test will show performance similar to Corsair's advertised speeds as it would have been a compressible data benchmark.


In my opinion, benchmarks are really nothing, When you install an SSD, you would notice the difference in speed over a mechanical HD instantly. Most of the time between a high-end SSD and a value oriented SSD, most users will not notice a difference in performance between the two real time excluding some tasks.

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I can advise you to look for the right program to verify performance....


Also need to consider the limit of the data exchange on your notebook construction specifications



the corsail LS is very good ...


for old pc

fits very well aI operating systems (XP, 7, etc.)


I found difficulty 'with the GS series FORCE ...., fits well in windows 7

but for other systems is not the best install this unit '


the LS i consider it a good compromise.... ADAPTABILITY - Performance for all PC....

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Benchmarks can be helpful but they aren't the only thing you need to consider. Does the machine start the OS faster? Does it "feel" faster when you use it? I'd measure success and performance by feel.


It starts osx in 7-10 sec. It's always change.. Is it normal ?

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