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H100i Corroded


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So I built my new PC in June


However due to work I've not really had time to sit down and get it set up properly.


So last weekend I started to load my games on.


I then started playing and watched my CPU temp rapidly rise from 30c to 90-100c with the h100i temp going from 30c to about 60c


After reading a number of posts I came to conclusion that my h100i wasn't seated properly.


I then ordered some new thermal paste which arrived today.


After removing the h100i from the CPU I noticed that two of the edges are corroded. (See Attached)


I cleaned off the old paste from the CPU and the h100i, put new paste on the CPU and re-fitted the h100i.


Temps are about 25c under no load, ran the game again temp go up to around 30.


So it seems that the h100i is working correctly, but is the corrosion something that need addressing?


If it is who do I go back to the vendor (since it is longer than 30 days since the item was shipped) or Corsair?


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