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Apparently the RM850 is silent.

Not in my case. Literally.


I purchased the power supply from a person on craigslist and he was very friendly. After the transaction, we cut ties, so I can no longer contact him.


When I got the power supply, it was still in box and new.

I've had no problems with the power supply up until it started to make a horrid coil whine up until recently.


I believe this started when I attempted to push my CPU overclock further.

It's currently sitting at 4.6GHz, and I tried to push it to 4.8GHz. It was stable and I could run everything smoothly up until the coil whine started to occur, so I dropped the overclock to stock but the noise continued.


It has been a few days since, and I'm keeping the CPU at 4.6 GHz.


It still continues and I get nightmares at night because I leave the computer on and the coil whine haunts me.


When I play games, the whine noticeably gets louder but I usually have my headset on, so I don't notice it. By the way, I love the Corsair Vengeance 2100 headset.


Anyways, is there any way I can fix this sound? I don't have any documentation for the power supply.


Everything possible in my build is from Corsair, and the only issue I have is with the power supply.


If you're curious about the "everything possible in my build is from corsair" thing, it's true. Corsair keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headset, CPU cooler, case, ssd, fans, and ram.

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