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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Everyone, We are excited to show you our new addition and refresh to the HXi Power Supply family, the HX1000i and HX1500i fully modular ATX Power Supplies! With platinum power at your command, these PSUs have the strength needed to power your most demanding PC upgrades and games. Here's a few quick highlights: Fully Modular, only connect the cables your system needs A 140mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan to provide exceptionally quiet and long-lasting performance Fully digital platform with resonant LLC topology and DC-to-DC conversion minimizes noise for extremely quiet operation 105°C Japanese Electrolytic Capacitors means consistent power with trusted reliability. Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software enables you to create custom fan curves, monitor power settings, toggle between single to multi-rail overcurrent production, and more Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ below: Q: Is there a Zero RPM fan mode? A: Yes! The PSU has near silent operation at low to medium loads Q: What connectors are included? A: With three EPS12V connectors, these PSU's are fully compatible with modern motherboards Q: What sleeved cables are compatible? A: Our Type 4 Gen 4 sleeved cables here are compatible. Let us know if you guys have any questions or thoughts!
  2. Anyone know if there's any plans to release new "i" series psus? It seems the only one atm is the AX1600i and I really don't need (nor want) a 1600W psu, I do want the current monitoring aspect of it though.
  3. hallo, ich habe mir vor 1 Monat einen neune Pc zusammengestellt und suche seitdem nacher einer Lösung. Ich habe nähmlich ein Störsignal auf meinen Studiomonitoren welche mit meinem Interface verbunden sind, und obwohl ich gar kein audio signal drauf habe rauschen,fiepen etc. sie. das Problem geht eindeutig von meinem Pc aus da es auf anderen funktioniert. ich bitte um Hilfe in bin verzweifelt!:eek:
  4. Hello everyone, when i plugged to properly my hx1200i, everything was perfectly working but one thing doesn't work "Corsair Link". When i was click Fan test button, fan will turns well but Hx1200i doesn't shown on "Corsair Link 4" and "iCue". -All programs and all windows update is lastest version. -On the psu, there is one led, this led always green. Some forums or some ppls said that should be "green and red" but mine is always green. -On the other hand i checked from "USBDeview" program, system will see that usb but not recognize. -I've corsair h115i pro there is no problem on iCue or Corsair Link 4. I use "NZXT Internal USB Hub" but i try with it and without it. There is no changes. What can i do right now any one tell me anything? Many many Thanks!! EDIT: After i open that topic, i deleted newest Corsair Link 4 program. And install "Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.9.4.28" after that hx1200i works fine! shows on corsair link 4. But still doesnt shown on iCue. Nevermind corsair link 4 is work fine. http://i65.tinypic.com/357rms6.png
  5. I want to monitor the state of power supply block in Linux. I need to understand which open source software can I use for this. I am interesting in temperature, noise level (or FAN SPEED instead of noise level, but this doesnt show the degradation of fan motor until full stop). I want to see the graph of temperature for last day, for any month in a year, and so on. I did the search but not found the answer to my question. I will never use closed source propiertary software (my religion prohibits this). So I want to know how to compile kernel, which modules I need, how that module interact with user space programs and which user space programs available (for X11-Server and for Wayland desktops, Gtk and Qt frameworks). UPD: see also http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=663107 https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTgyMDc
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