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problem syncing with google drive with air2


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I have a problem.

I can sync with dropbox, no problem

I can sync with one of my google drives. this has around 3GB of data.

I cant sync with another google drive, despite deleting, disabling and then re enabling. This has around 10GB of data.

If I then disable sync, delete and change back to my 3GB account it works fine again.


Any thoughts?


Apart from that seems a great bit of kit...

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everything goes fine, enabling and linking to google account works, it sets up a folder named google drive, but no files appear. I have checked that im connected to internet, all fine. in settings it says its syncing, but even after 24hour, no files appear.

When setup with other google drive, within 10 seconds or so files begin to appear.

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the windows, the total size is 11.1 GB.


I am already running v2.1 of firmware/app


Interestingly, having tried to get it to sync many times, including turning it off etc, it has now brought in the file structure and a handful of files in the root folder. It has downloaded a massive total of 50 MB

And, now no more. It did this download in the first few minutes of syncing. Nothing more.

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We're still investigating - the issue is definitely related to a maximum total number of files and folders. Not sure (yet) when it will be fixed, but this issue is definitely high on our list.


The next release is 2.2. Development is being wrapped up now, then it will be tested/validated, then submitted to the various app stores. This fix won't be in that release, but a number of other fixes/improvements will be.

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