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H80i / i7-4790k Temperatures


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(see comp specs next to avatar)


While gaming it my CPU seems to be running around 55% load (using task manager) and running temperatures up 66°C (using AI suite). At idle the temperatures remain around 33°-35°C.


The H80i fans also seem to be running at 2300 rpm while gaming and around 900-1000 rpm during idle.


Are these values for the temperature and rpms normal? I used the thermal paste that came pre-applied but I'm thinking of re-applying with some arctic silver I bought last week. I'm curious if it makes any difference.


Also the fans are ungodly loud. My teammates can hear the fans through the microphone. Anyone suggest a fan that would be a good alternative that moves the same amount of air but more quiet?


Thank you very much in advance!

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Thank you for your input HOODedAssault. Even though the temperatures seem good, I think I'm going to reapply the thermal paste here soon anyway.


I don't know if my computer has a sensor to monitor the temperature inside the case. During gaming the case temperature is warmer than I'd like. I judge this just by touching the side of the case, usually warm. I bought 3x Corsair Air Series CO-9050016-WLED 120mm White LED Case Fan. I assume I shouldn't use these for the fans on the pump because they don't move as much air and have lower rpms. Hopefully these new fans will keep the case temperature down and provide better flow.


Does anyone know of some fans that are suitable replacements of the H80i pump fans? Something more quiet.

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