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Vengeance RGB DDR5 AMD Ram in Intel System

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TL;DR Does AMD or Intel Ram matter?

New custom built pc and for some reason the computer shop installed AMD Ram instead of Intel Ram.  Figured this out after first boot XMP was not enabled.  I tried to enable XMP but computer wouldn’t boot and I got error message asking to go back to last good bios.  After sorting through boxes I found my memory box, specs below:

Is there a way to edit XMP Profile or otherwise adjust the BIOS so I get my 6000MHz?  Do I have to go back and insist on Intel ram?  Is there anything else I should know if I have to go back to talk to the store?

System Specs

GIGABYTE Z790 UD AC Rev 1.0, Bios F2 dated 10/11/2022

Will not post/boot if xmp profile is enabled

CPU i9-13900KF LGA1700

MSI Suprim Liquid X NVidia 4090

Corsair Vengeance 64GB (2x32) RGB DDR5-6000 Memory for AMD! (Installed in A2/B2, memtest says slots 1&3)


Memtest86+:  speed tests as 21.5 GB/s, passes test at base 4800MHzz

SMP 16T CAS:  40-40-40-77

I didn’t want to flash bios to F3 if I’m just going to end up taking system back to store.

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there a video to change voltage. in bios xmp 1 then vdd 1.3 volts vddq 1.3 volts then pmc change to by per not all

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