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Troubleshooting H100i and Corsair Link


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I've been messing around with Corsair's "Beta" software versions, and the H100i for over a month, trying to get the thing to work reliably. I wished that I'd visited this forum before purchasing, as it would have altered my choice.


The idea is nice. The hardware seems pretty decent. For whatever reason, the software just doesn't work. It either can't read the CPU, or it reads a wrong temp, then you can't reliably set the color, and setting the fan speed profile seems flaky as well.


My suggestion for troubleshooting this, is to do what I did. Open a ticket, and ask for your money back, as it simply does not perform as promised. I ended up going through some troubleshooting, but as most here realize by now, Corsair just doesn't have this thing working in a stable way, and the outlook on when it may work... well... you'll get better odds in Vegas on a million dollar slot machine.


I wish you luck in getting reimbursed. They agreed to reimburse me for the cost of the unit, but I'm out shipping to buy, ship back to Corsair and tax. I learned a lesson, and I'll never allow a manufacturer to push me past the 30 day return period, because I'm troubleshooting their product. Corsair's products have otherwise been good. It will be quite a while before I buy anything that requires software from Corsair, as their track record is pretty abysmal in that department at the moment.


A less than satisfied Corsair customer.

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