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Dominator Platinum Suggestions


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Hey guys. Recently I've begun switching from a red and black build to a white and black build.


Current build is here (make sure to scroll to the bottom for updates if you want to look.)


The only thing that's static red in my case is my 32GB (4x8GB) 1600mhz Vengeance ram. I figured, who needs to buy new ram, I'll part those heat spreaders no problem and paint them with heat conductive paint (not that it matters) warranty be damned. Well, perhaps I went a bit too fast with the heat gun because I ended up breaking a chip off of the PCB of one of my DIMMS. Egg on face.


Moving on from this sad life lesson, I've decided to buy the Dominator Platinum that I've always wanted. I'm looking for 16GB (2X8GB) and can't decide if I want:






or 2133mhz:




What do you guys think? Is it worth getting the 2133mhz or should I grab the 1866 and try to OC?


I know that after 1600mhz there's not really any real world performance gain but come on, we all know why anyone buys high end ram kits. Case Cred!


Thanks for your input.

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