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  1. Any idea when it'll be on the Canadian version of the store? Even when it was available for me to buy in the US storeit was 50+ USD to ship it to Canada :sigh!:
  2. Still nothing on the Canadian version of the store :/ Can go through the US one but shipping is 50 USD still.
  3. Thanks Keltik, super appreciated. For now I think I'll just wait however. My temps are not a problem I only want it for aesthetics. It's just another US based company who doesn't care about any kind of Canadian shipping contracts that would lower the rate for their brothers in the north. Canadian's are used to it.
  4. Yikes. Maybe someday I'll find one of the front panels on ebay or something. I can't justify to myself paying shipping that's almost 400% the cost of the item. Thanks Corbama.
  5. No clue. I ship things from the US all the time that are much lager and heavier and there's never that big of a mark up.
  6. Again. Canadians get it hard. $15 USD for the part, $50+ USD for shipping. -.-
  7. The shipping for me to have it sent to Canada is $50 (fffff that), I can only imagine the cost it would be overseas if they weren't sent to a hub.
  8. Was stoked to preorder but that shipping to Nova Scotia.. wow. UPS Worldwide Expedited $49.79 USD UPS Worldwide Saver $53.17 USD
  9. Agreed. While I'm still on the fence to as if it really makes that big of a difference, I'd like to buy one even for a purely aesthetic purpose.
  10. I did this to my old 650D before I gave it to my brother. Thanks to this nice guide actually. I just took out the USB 2.0's. You can see from the nice picture's how to do it.
  11. :/ Sounds like an invite to purchase a new case and spend more money with Corsair. I agreed R&D takes time but it's been a good while.
  12. I did and noticed between 3 - 5 degrees difference for my gpu under load and 1 degree on my cpu (h110 exhausting out of top) which is margin of error. I guess it depends on the fans in front I use AF140's undervolted so they don't push a ton of air anyway but if you used a high rpm/cfm fan you may get better results.
  13. I haven't seen anything from Corsair about this but you could try some of these simple mods here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/115267-corsair-350d750d900d-stealth-drive/
  14. I agree single front panel would be nice. I use my 750D's 5.25 bays to hold my hdd's with brackets. No need front panel access.
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