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ax860i turning turning on and off repeatedly


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I returned home pretty early in the day switched on my computer and all the fans spun up for about half a second before the spring click of the power supply turning off. Three weeks ago I had to RMA my UPS because the battery blew in a storm in the middle of the night. Two weeks ago my I RMA'd my motherboard because it refused to boot up due to a faulty chip (supposedly). Now the power supply has stopped working. I am getting an electrician to come check the electricity in my house but replacing this much stuff is just ridiculous.


When I turn my PC on it turns on for about half a second everything spins up than it clicks off and all stops. About 5 seconds later it powers again for another half a second and so on for ever until I turn the power supply switch off. It's an AX860i power supply that I brought just over three months ago.


I took the computer to another retailer that I bought most of my other components from opened up a new ax860i and reattached all the cables and it worked perfectly. I then took the PSU to the retailer I bought it from and they say they need to take it for one to two months. I'm pretty sure its easier and quicker to RMA straight back to corsair even if it requires international shipping. Another solution they said was I could send it to this company called Scanner here in Thailand and they would take less time but they won't replace it only repair it. Could I confirm that Scanner in Thailand is a reputable corsair service centre or RMA site. Here is their website: http://www.inc.co.th/scanner/index.php

Or is it just worth RMA to Corsair directly even if we have to pay for international shipping?

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