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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am currently Express RMA'ing a dud AX860i which has this rebooting issue and am being shipped a new replacement. So far my experience with Corsair support has been positive. My only concern is has this issue of randomly cutting power and restarting been fixed in the AX860i? I really don't want to go through the whole process again in 6 months.. Thanks
  2. I got a brand new AX860i and had not used or tested the usb info feature at the time because I was missing headers. I have tested it now and the temperature readings are just impossible. Fixed at -198.5°C/-325.3°F. Tried changing internal usb connection and installing both icue and corsair link. No success. I have efficiency readings and control of the fan. Only temperature seem not to work. Ideas anyone?
  3. Hi! I've recently been having a few infrequent and intermittent PC freezes whilst gaming, so I've been running HWInfo to see if anything stands out. Clutching at straws, I've noticed that the 5v rail is dropping to 4.52v and the 3.3v rail is dropping to 3.056v. I know that software monitoring of PSU voltages is unreliable at best, so I decided to try using my USB Link Dongle as I've read that that gives more accurate voltages. I haven't been using it because I could never get it to work...but it still doesn't work properly. If I look in device manager the Corsair USBXp Driver is under hidden devices and showing as disconnected (Code 45). If I disconnect the USB header and plug it back in again, I hear the connect sound and then an immediate disconnect sound. The light on the dongle flashes green for less than a second. The PSU doesn't show in iCUE. I did manage to get the PSU to show in iCUE once by uninstalling the USBXp driver and restarting the PC. The device in device manager was still showing as disconnected but it did appear in iCUE. However, once I restarted the PC again, it disappeared and I can't get it back again by following the same process. I've tried using both USB ports on my Commander Pro...I haven't yet tried plugging it directly into the motherboard, however, as that would require some rewiring. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. This is just a suggestion I'd hope they could integrate into the software. Currently my AX860i PSU is set to the default setting, It pulses up to speed for a brief second and then shuts off when under load. I did have a dabble at setting up a custom profile but it only seems to go off of temperature. My suggestion would be to go off of power supply load. If this is possible it would enable me to set the fan to kick it when it's drawing around 200 watts of power and keep the fan on whilst gaming or under a load. Currently mine only draws around 80-100 watts at idle so a custom curve would allow me to keep the fan off at idle and then stay on at a steady pace under load. Currently the only way to setup your own curve is via temperature, and as the fan would be cooling the PSU it will eventually get to a certain stage where the fan will kick in, cool off for a few moments, power down, heat up, repeat. I've also noticed that the lowest possible curve I can have is 40%, not 0%. Even if I wanted to setup a curve using the temperature the fan is going to be running constantly. Hopefully Corsair tweak the software and can implement something along those lines.
  5. First off, system specs: Samsung SSDm2 -500 GB, Asus Strix 970GTX, Corsair Vengeance pro PC3 19200 -2x8GB Intel Core i5-4590 Asus Z97 Pro Wifi Ac Windows 8 64 bit Corsair AX760i - Because I wanted a very good PSU :mad: Corsair H80iGT Cooler I decided to share my experience with Corsair when I was building this new machine. So everything was brand new and I put together the parts hoping system would come up. As soon as turned on the system, it won't turn on. I would hear a clicking noise from PSU and all fans would turn on and another clicking noise and system goes down. The loop continues till I take the power cable off the PSU. I couldnt even imagine PSU was an issue but after 2-3 hours of t/shooting, fix was - Remove all the cables from PSU and put them back in. System turned on fine and worked for a month. Then again one day, decided to get stuck in the loop. Then started to show this issue every week and then every day. Fix was always to unplug everything from PSU and put it back. Anyways, I turned up to RMA and got weird response. They told me AX760i is obsolete and they don't have it. :eek: I was offered a replacement with AX860i which I thought was good enough. Now 860i was even worse. After connecting everything, system came up fine for 17-21 seconds. I thought it might be an OS issue so I went to BIOS but same thing. At this time, I was very angry. Again to RMA and I was sure 760i/860i are garbage. There is a serious issue with these supplies which you can read about all over this forum and Corsair tech support guy told me that this model is not affected by this issue of rebooting. Anyways, my next choice was Hx750i and I am not kidding. Placed everything together and it turned up fine without any issues. No clicking noise. No reboots. No issues. RMA case open - 4th August 2015 HXi received - 16th Sept. 2015 Waste of my time/energy - 100% Not looking for any responses here but before buying digital PSU's, consider my experience. There is something seriously wrong with the digital PSU's which leads them to drive the system crazy at startup. And Corsair doesnt have guts to admit it as well. I mean read around, this forum is filled with those issues which I experienced. And you know what, everytime, I thought it can't be Corsair; may be my MOBO is bad or something else is but everytime, Corsair PSU was the culprit. I must say. My faith in the product quality has gone down. If HXi didnt work, I was ready to dump the Corsair brand and go for Cooler Master or may be Antec. Hope this helps someone else. PS: RMA process is very slow and I cant blame the Tech's. They are just doing their job
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