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  1. Hi Zone, I noticed you have edited your post. As you have raised a ticket you should get a response but they are very very slow in responding. I haven't seen any public announcment from Corsair about the issue with this PSU but for me they are replacing it. Keep us informed on your progress.
  2. Still trying to Express RMA my (3rd) dud PSU. Customer support appear to have gone into Radio silence. I know they have just changed support system but is it really that difficult to tell me what is going on? Really poor service from a company that has (had?) a great reputation.
  3. Got a reply last night - offering RMA and requesting copies of order - which they had from the previous 2 RMA's....... Does anyone know if this problem has actually been fixed with the 860i?
  4. Still no response from Corsair to the ticket I raised 8 days ago. Raised a second ticket - no reply other than the auto " we got your ticket". Do they still read these forums? Pretty poor customer service.
  5. This is not looking good. Raised a ticket 3 days ago - not had any response from Support. Ticket is showing as open. Hopefully someone will see it soon and reply.. I'll keep you informed.
  6. I'm in the Uk. Hopefully they will accept its duff and give me new one with this issue fixed. It really is pretty **** that someone like Corsair doesn't fess up and issue a recall.
  7. Well I recently put my 860i back into my PC and after a few weeks of use the reboots returned. I see that other users are experiencing this as well. Guess I'm going to go down the RMA route again.... <sigh>
  8. Update: Well I've tried different memory in original PC with 860i and the issue goes away. ("Great", I thought must be the memory...) I put the original memory in a different box with different PSU and its fine. Put the 860i and original memory together in new box - no problem Put them back in original box - reboots galore. So I've now just swapped the 860i out, with original memory in my original PC and am using a different PSU. All fine. Maybe there's something else incompatible in my build but with a different PSU my system is stable so I'm happy. Thanks for your help.
  9. Ok done this, will let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help.
  10. Good question - I initially thought it would be some other component and went through the driver upgrading, re- seating etc of components and put a shed load of monitoring on. Nothing showing up - no heat etc etc - even installed a UPS and additional fan to rule of power fluctuations and heat. I then put a PSU from another build in and the problem disappeared. System was stable didn't reboot once over a three week period. Put the 860i in and bang- reboot cycle again. My damn Pc has rebooted twice just writing this. I'm about to go get my laptop if it happens again.... edited - Just seen your comment RE: RAM - I'll get some on Monday and try it.
  11. Well third PSU arrived this week - I installed it - and last night it started the reboot dance. Guess its another call to Customer support... wonder how many PSU's they'll ship out before they accept something is wrong...
  12. Thanks for the reply Jonny. I haven't put it into another PC although I have replaced it in my rig with an alternative PSU and the problem disappears. I'm currently waiting for the third PSU to arrive next week. Given the wide ranging discussion on this particular PSU 's problems why has nothing been officially announced? My confidence level in this new PSU fixing the issue is not high and I'm not looking forward to the pain of going through another RMA process but most of all having my PC die on me just as I'm about to send an email to Corsair support.... If you are interested in the background there are several support tickets, the main ones being #617891 and #643929.
  13. Well have now gone through the RMA/Express RMA process and am waiting for my third 860i. I wonder how long this one will last. It really is a very poor show by Corsair not to acknowledge and fix this issue with this PSU.
  14. Well installed replacement 860i after the trauma of the RMA process and was looking forward to the quality experience you expect from Corsair. Sadly a few weeks later its happening again. PSU was ok for about 3 weeks then it started rebooting once or twice after 15mins or so. Now it's constant - seriously every 10mins. put in my old Antec and system is fine. How do I go about getting a refund? its obviously not fit for purpose/has a quality control issue and I really don't want to go through the RMA pain again only to receive a replacement dodgy 860i. Amusingly I was in a chat with Corsair to report it and guess what - it restarted.
  15. Hi, I am currently Express RMA'ing a dud AX860i which has this rebooting issue and am being shipped a new replacement. So far my experience with Corsair support has been positive. My only concern is has this issue of randomly cutting power and restarting been fixed in the AX860i? I really don't want to go through the whole process again in 6 months.. Thanks
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