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Will the AX1200 ATX-24 pin cable work with my AX760 PSU? (RMA)


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I've just recieved a replacement ATX 24-pin cable as part of an RMA for my AX 760 power supply.


The one they sent me was:


Type 3 Sleeved Black 24pin ATX Cable (CP-8920110)



But I'm worried as on the side of this cable it says "AX1200/AXi only" and I don't want to damage my motherboard or PSU.


Is this cable compatible with my AX760?



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under tech specs it does list 760.


I did see that but then again it only says AXi and I still have the label on the side of the cable which says "AX1200/AXi only" so it's not really concrete...

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Start a support ticket and ask tech support directly. If you get this wrong, you could REALLY fry some gear.


I already had an RMA open but now it has been closed...


THe cable is definitely not going to work as I've just checked it against my old one and the ends that plug into the PSU are different sizes.


*sigh* I'm not going to get one before the weekend now and this RMA has been open a week. Waste of a weekend....


So if I open another request am I going to have to wait another week?

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