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Default Commander Pro acting super crazy. HELP

My commander pro fan controller has been going bat**** crazy. I have all 6 of my case fans hooked up to it, 4x for my AIO and 2x more in the case. Just now the fan controller literally LOST ITS MIND.

All 6 of my fans became unrecognized and started ramping to maximum speed then to lowest speed. Actually over max speed, commander pro said my ML120 was spinning at 5000RPM instead of the maximum 2400. Would also go to 400RPM which is below the minimum speed of ML120's.

On commander pro dashboard the 12v 5v and 3v signals were going crazy too. The voltages were bouncing between 0 and exceedingly high voltages for each. The 3v was getting 5v, and 5v was getting 12v according to the commander pro reading. Basically if those reading were right, my components are being fried as we speak.....

What the heck is going on. If anything happens to my computer. I swear to go I am going to make sure that neither I nor any of my friends buy anything corsair ever again.

You know what, **** corsair. They force you to use iCUE and buy all of their stupid little nick nacks to link everything together for the "Corsair Environment dudeeee". Not to mention it is all overpriced. Then the **** they sell me proceeds to ruin my hardware. Never again, ever.....

If anybody knows why my commander pro has lost its mind, please let me know.

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