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dimago 11-30-2018 01:17 AM

H60 2018 - 2 fans question
Hi everybody,

I have a Core i7 8700 and I decided to install the H60.

My case has fan that was installed in the back, the same spot I am going to install the h60.

So I did the installation. With the air cooler, while gaming I got about 80 Celsius and now with the H60 I have about 70 Celsius. I was expecting to be around 60s, am I crazy or not? Lol.

The installation was done right exactly the manual suggests. Rad facing the case and the fan following, side to the proc.

Well, I was wondering to use that fan was in my case, like Fan-Rad-Fan.

Is that a good idea? If yes, how should be the fan positions for better performance?


DevBiker 11-30-2018 01:37 AM

You can do that but it may not make much difference.
Due to the installation location, your pushing GPU waste heat through the radiator which will be heating it up.

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