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Hey there, I am new to this fourm and I just registered in it to reply this message.

I know it's an old topic but this kind of freezing started to happend to my K95 RGB Platinum few weeks ago.

As you stated it is hard to replicate and it happens to my keyboard all of a sudden: sometimes I'm just browsing the web, sometimes I'm running a game (where it kind of gets the most frustrating). It just suddenly freezes, the lights keep on and I cannot type anything. Un-plug and re-plug worked, but there was a time when even replugging the keyboard in the same USB port (3.0 or 2.0 no matter which I choose) didn't work until I managed to reset to factory settings.

I've tried so far reseting to the factory sttings by holding the ESC key when I re-plug the keyboard. But so far I've done that about a dozen of times without succesfully fix it.

I tried the force firmware upgrade thing too but nothing either.

I bought the Keyboard since November 2017. I've got it for almost four months now.

I was on the latest CUE 2.23.40 version when the issue started. I now reverted back to version 2.16.87. But hey! the freezing thing even happened to the keyboard when I just had uninstalled the newest version and was about to install the previous one, I mean nothing, no CUE was installed when it froze TWICE in a row.

I was using the CUE on advance mode. Now I'm on the default one.

I'm starting to think it's a defective keyboard. So disapointing for a product which claims to be the top of the line.
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