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No RGB on k95platinum and icue fails to update

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So after a week or so of lighting malfunctions I have my keyboard functional. It types a it normally does, but there are no lights except for the upper 3 indicators. the three lights in the top left (Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock) are blinking together at a constant pace. about 1 or 2 times each second. I am lead to believe my keyboard is in some manufacturers debug mode.


upon opening icue, i am immediately prompted with a "mandatory" update which goes as follows:

1 open icue

2 "a mandatory firmware update is available and required for the optimization of your device." ( i can click away, and the keyboard still works albeit without many features.)

3the update progresses, once it reaches 100% i hear the windows usb noise, the blinking lights pause before the keyboard returns tom this limited state.

4 Icue remains on this update screen for some time before arbitrarilly giving an "update successful to version 3.21" after this process takes to long i presume.

5 nothing changes, and Icue still has a "?" for the firmware version of my keyboard.

6 immediately after icue has another update available once i click on the keyboard. same version update; 3,21.

7 repeat without any successful updates.


i suspect due to the blinking lights that my board is in some factory reset mode that prevents it from interfacing with icue properly. there is no rgb functionality and icue offers no options. i feel like I'm just a step or so away from restoring full functionality.


icue recognized the keyboard model, but has a "?" next to the current version. it says there's an update available, (v3.21) but that update never applies correctly.


Here's what I've already tried to correct the issue:

1 turning everything off and on again.

2 unplugging everything

3 soft resetting the keyboard with the esc key technique

4 trying to put the keyboad in and out of bios mode. this does nothing, i cant tell if bios mode even enables.

5 manually reloading the firmware by using the pinhole on the bottom, then loading new firmware provided by corsair support.


despite this, my keyboard persists in this limited state. the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock blink consistently, there's no rgb and icue offers no customization options.


please help restore my k96 rgb platinum to its proper functionality. thank you for your time.

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  • Corsair Employee

Hi Eidolon1701,


It almost sounds like that keyboard could be stuck in BIOS mode.


Try unplugging it, holding down the S + B keys, and while holding them down, plug the keyboard back in.


If this does not seem to resolve anything, please open a ticket with our support team for further assistance. You can use the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page for quick access.


Thank you.

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