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The SATA is the only essential piece. That is your power.

The “3 pin” is just a tachometer wire. It will report a pump speed to BIOS and for your intended set up that is useful so you know the pump is running. The QFan settings will be irrelevant, but it’s still better to choose disabled or Full Speed so the BIOS doesn’t get stuck trying to tune a device it can’t control.

The splitter is only needed if you intend to run the fans from the pump’s controller.

You will not damage the hardware in this configuration.

Now whether this best suits your needs is another question. Even if you do not want to run the iCUE software, you may be better off installing, saving your color, pump, and fan speeds to the device, then set iCUE not to run on start up. It will follow instructions and you can launch to troubleshoot or change the pump from color cycle to white or whatever. Without this step, the pump and fans will go rainbow madness until the end of time.

A second issue may be cpu/opt fan control. Those two headers were meant for air tower fans and they have very quick response times — something completely needless on a water system. I have not tested on Z390, but historically those two headers ignore the specified fan delays under a number of conditions, one of which is rapid cpu temp change. Really annoying to have the fans ramp up to max when you hit a game loading screen or your anti-virus kicks in. If you decide you need bios/MB control, you might look at using a CHA fan header on a splitter. Better still would be a 10K thermistor to the back of the radiator, but I am not sure the F has that sensor input like the Code.
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