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Originally Posted by belezeebub View Post

4x140 Thinking I will use SP140 Connected to Corsair Commander pro (Master)

Loop 2
4x140 Thinking I will use SP140 Connected to Corsair Commander pro (Slave1)

I think I might be looking at ML-RGB vs SP-RGB Pro (unless you meant the SP140 LED from 5 years back). Presumably the plan is the do both 560 rads as intake on the two sides, then chimney funnel that air out the top/back of that compartment. I would like to see it in person, but I suspect the mesh makes the concept of 4 vs 8 LEDs mostly irrelevant in that position.

ML is PWM. SP-Pro is DC. Doesn't really matter from a control perspective since the Commander Pro can handle either, but just FYI. That is 8x140 doing a power test on boot/restart when on DC power. 1150 rpm max on the SP-Pro should keep that from being terrible.

Mag lev bearing vs Hydraulic -> ML is going to be a little quiet at working speeds in the 800-1100 rpm range. However, some people feel the ML has a distinctive hum to the bearing present at low speed. If you are somewhat intolerant to that kind of lower hum frequency, then the ML is not a great choice.

Are there 5 more places for case fans? Main chamber 1 top, 1 bottom? Back chamber two on the rear mesh, 1 on top? BTW, the QL or double sided LL was released today. I don't think it makes much visual improvement for the 900 Super, except maybe on the bottom main chamber intake.
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