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  1. I had to do a clean uninstall and reinstall on everything
  2. Mine is fixed! Did a clean uninstall and reinstall and upgraded to the new link hub firmware and all errors gone so far! Can we get some mouse pads for our troubles? 😃 No but seriously, thanks, finally!
  3. I'll be. I think it's fixed! May I have a free mouse pad at least for being a BETA tester 😃 Seriously I think it's fixed!
  4. Being told in order for the BETA firmware to work properly you need to do a fresh uninstall and reinstall of everything, I would give that a shot, use REVO Uninistaller to remove ICUE completely then reinstall it and then try the BETA firmware, see what happens.
  5. Have you tried the "Beta" firmware yet? For the Link Hub?
  6. So you are saying to do a clean uninstall and reinstall of ICUE entirely with Revo and then follow the Beta Firmware install instructions?
  7. Is a month not sufficient for at least an update? any new information would be appreciated by the community.
  8. I mean, the actual shame in my opinion is the lack of communication, we go weeks+ even months without hearing anything or given any kind of update. The "BETA" Firmware that did not work for most people was released on March 14th.. so a MONTH ago.. and we still have no end in sight or nothing new to go off of, no communication, no updates, nothing.
  9. They've gone silent again, they'll respond and say something and then 2+ weeks with radio silence.
  10. So you're not even on the BETA link firmware, you're on 1.8.x, the version so many people had issues with. That's wild
  11. THIS PLEASE. However, I still see the beta firmware for the Link Hub, what are you referring to? BIOS?
  12. Also when you say latest firmware, you mean the BETA Firmware?
  13. Crazy how there are all of these varying results person to person and setup to setup, how long have you been good now?
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