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  1. after reinstalling icue fingers crossed its all fixed now
  2. If I shutdown icue software they all start working.
  3. New Problem icue software 5.12.97 Link system hub 2.4.438 (after updated this multiple fan lights not working) 😕
  4. Luckily I have not had the flashing issue since corsair fixed it originally. When i originally made this post I assumed I was having a isolated problem with my setup and never expected corsair would ever let a problem that is claimed to be nothing to go on this long. You want to get attention for this. go post on their social media linking back here. I have done this a few times and someone from corsair posted here a few times earlier in the post.
  5. Plenty of people have tickets open in this thread. If we are posting here its public and others can see the issues and corsairs response or lack there of.
  6. Corsair... Really? How do you make the situation worse? New error with 5.12.97.
  7. Day 109 without a fix in sight. who do I need to talk to about a refund for my corsair parts in my current build?
  8. i have this expensive aio,fan setup..... i just can not look at the software thats meant to monitor everything so i can ignore a false warning. What makes this situation worse is the fact this is said to be nothing... if it takes this long to get a response and get a fix for something that is considered nothing i cant imagine what a real problem would be like.
  9. 96 days since i made this post. Corsair are you there? You have to see all these people having the same problem so its obvious its not user error and a corsair problem.
  10. Just updated to 5.11.96 still have the same problem.
  11. The only time I have been able to get a response from corsair was when i went to their social media pages and gave people a warning with the link to this post so they could see for themselves how the product is performing and the type of support we are all getting for such an expensive product. I check this post daily for updates but i only see more people with the same problem.
  12. the temps seem to be higher than the first few months before the error started but i am using it currently.
  13. I'm still in the same boat as everyone else, I randomly post how many days its been since the problem started for me in this post just as a reminder of how long its been going on
  14. Day 83 Multiple updates still no fix in sight and literally no response from the company without going on their social media and warning people not to buy this product.
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