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  1. The laptop it's pretty capable for today standards, it's along side between a 4060-4070 and offer plenty VRAM compared to those 2. It can run basically everything. If they can keep updating it in the future it could be enough for at least 3-4 years.
  2. Yes it's seems that it's thermal throttling due to poor cooling after 2 years I would highly recommend to reapply thermal paste over GPU and CPU, try to check some videos of teardowns and how to reapply thermal paste. Ps. I found a method to reduce overall temps on the CPU level (since my GPU does not heat that much max hot spot 95°, overall temp hovers around the 80s°C). Everytime I did some benchmarks the CPU reach 95°C after half of the run, (time spy). But if I turn on through power settings the best efficiency it does not reach high clocks but it drastically reduce the temps to 75°C. I would highly recommend this to everyone if you're not playing a CPU intensive game, since my results were pretty similar to the balance (original preset) setting: 10150 vs 10500 I consider that there isn't a significant drop that could justify not adjusting this. It will literally make your entire laptop run cooler and prolong it's life. At the end it's a good trade of loosing barely 3-4% in performance but reducing 20°Cs on the CPU temps. Keep in mind that this was using the EXTREME preset of the fans and that benchmarks are not the general rule, if someone is interested I could do the thermal throttle test and keep you guys updated.
  3. Hi I read that you cleaned the fans, but have you changed the thermal paste?
  4. It's going to sound funny but now AMD noise suppression does work for me, I wasn't able to make it work properly before so I would recommend to use the AMD cleaning tool and reinstall the driver again. Maybe use a factory reset of the driver.
  5. Did you enable Ray tracing?? Usually Nvidia cards perform better with it, even weaker cards, usually the rx6800m does take a performance hit when using it so it could explain that. From what I'm able to test, this card does sit between a 4060-4070 so it should perform better than a 4050. It also depends on the title you are running sometimes. Ps: that PCIE DRIVER missing is weird, I do not have that error or just have it properly installed.
  6. Apparently the new drivers are already available. I saw a post on YouTube which is the guy having a conversation with a Corsair representative providing him the driver, they also told him to unable bit locker and secure boot while for the installation process. Have you guys tried it out ??? Me personally haven't tried it yet because I would like to wait for an announcement but just posting this here in case that someone is interested. Any confirmation from you guys @Corsair Albert??
  7. Ok I know you already done that but I did have that issue but just by a brief of time will tinkering with the macro keys, just buy changing colors it solves it if not try again and uninstall and install it from Corsair.
  8. @A2Razor and @Langlache Do you have the R9 version of it? From what I'm able to collect the R9 do run a bit hotter than the R7 can't explain why. I do have the R7 version and under heavy load it does hit 100c on occasions but not for a prolonged time (usually when loading games or at the most heavy task that you could put the system on). Considering that I do game for a long period of time (at least 2-5 hours) it sustain the same temps over that time. Usually it hovers around between 90-95 hot spot and average temps stays at the 80s. The only doubt I do have is that when I open Corsair diagnostics and when I briefly used the latest drivers using the overlay from AMD it does shows the CPU temps at 95c as you said while the integrated graphics variating the between the 75-80s c I would like to know if this is the hotspot temp of the CPU or just the actual temp of it because I can't understand how the iGPU temp could be different from the CPU being practically the same die. Sometimes I feel deceived by that. Maybe Corsair hiding something?? Either way I've never felt the system throttling, it does keep performance and I've never noticed a drop in performance, maybe a frame drop but is usually very brief and related to the game optimization or shader compiling. And to wrap things up I do believe that there could be a chipset bug that is leading to all of this (or maybe I'm wrong). Since the driver from Corsair does not have the overlay I use game bar to monitor everything due to the convenience using this overlay it those shows the GPU utilization as expected reaching the higher %s even reaching the 99% when using it under heavy tasks or just by increasing the graphical settings if a game, while the CPU utilization always and I mean ALWAYS stays around the 5-15% which does not seems ok in my opinion, shouldn't it be higher if the game it's demanding for both the GPU and CPU?? So I truly don't know what's going wrong there, if am wrong oleas correct because I'll like to understand that behavior from the CPU.
  9. Hold on with the 24.1.1?? Maybe I'll give it a go, but do you have any recommendations to install it? I don't want to be dealing with a shorter battery life and that crash in the host application for too long or even if the next update land and it does not fixed it is going to be very disappointing. Currently running with the Corsair one and overall system is pretty stable, able to play everything and reaching around 10400-10600 on time spy. Also battery life last a lot, a 100% charge while reading and creating documents and browsing nets me around 8-9 hours of battery. (Lowest brightness, no rgb and 60hz). Only downside is that I do not have the overlay nor the AFMF which honestly don't know if it's going to help.
  10. I've been having a problem while using this method, it's not something tragic or anything, but is kind of annoying. I've tried utilizing AMD cleaning tool and DDU to wipe the old drivers (safe mode) I install the newer GPU and chipset drivers (in that same order) I do have overlay and everything. The annoyance comes when I try to open the adrenaline software, it tends to open but sometimes it leaves an open window which seems like a bug that loads until I clicked it and then it says that the AMD host application has stopped working, so I just go to the task bar and end the tasks the thing is that is kind of repetitive but nothing that wouldn't let me do my basic stuff . On the other hand, I can clearly tell that there is a faster battery drainage (around 35%-45%) less battery life and of course having the newer drivers does bring more compatibility with newer titles but it reducing my battery life defeats the purpose of it and on top the host application bug is very annoying. Do anyone has encountered this how you guys have done to solve it? Btw, is there any method to get the AMD overlay on the Corsair drivers??
  11. Could you force the individual color of each macro key??
  12. Great I'll be waiting for your response. It should be on the "game" settings.
  13. This is crazy, I mean, they probably don't have more laptops available. At least you got the replacement.
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