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  1. in iCue you can select the "Voyager A1600 Keyboard", then on the left side there is an option to reassign any keys as you wish. I don't know if it's called "key assignment" or something similar. There you can manually change your key bindings.
  2. First of all, please update to the new GPU Driver from Downloads page (or directly from here: https://www3.corsair.com/Files/Voyager-Laptop/ This will update GPU driver Version to 31.0.22036.2004 Maybe this will solve your problem
  3. if icue settings are right, this seems to be a hardware problem. did you update bios or install anything hardware relevant (e.g. icue update) "at some point" when this problem started? If you say you reinstalled icue, did you delete your old icue installation with settings first?
  4. it's complicated but this thread shows it while connecting an egpu. And if you connect a tb3 dock and start the voyager it will fail to boot several times till it boots into windows, then there are random disconnects while working resulting in short blackscreens on your external monitor.
  5. It seems like it is. My Voyager has it‘s issues and not just minor ones. Still hoping for a BIOS Update fixing TB3 connectivity, but there is nothing like the problem you described.
  6. with thermal pads there could be another issue being too thick lifting the vapor chamber just a little bit resulting in problems on either CPU or GPU. Had something similar with an asus g15 advantage. How does it perform using balanced or silent profile (since those use different tdp limits)?
  7. But then the temps should be worse all around. did he change/check the thermal pads as well?
  8. are those "shutdowns" (system stays off) or system reboots (immediately tries to reboot)? did you reset your BIOS to default settings after bios update?
  9. in BIOS there is an option to select your fan mode. But unlike in iCue there are 4 options: silence, balanced, performance and (i think it's) "user mode". If you select this user mode, there will be another option where you can change the maximum tdp for your cpu and gpu (keep in mind, the system is designed for up to 150W max in total) used in this mode. There is no option to get to this mode out of windows so you shouldn't change your profile you want to stay in this mode otherwise you have to restart in BIOS to get there again.
  10. First you need to download the BIOS update from corsair's download page. just search for 'a1600 bios' on the download page. After that unzip the downloaded file, execute "Xenomorph138.exe" and follow the instructions. Keep in mind nothing else should be running while you're updating the BIOS, battery should be above 50% and original charger plugged in. I would also highly recommend to unplug any devices like usb-hubs, external monitors or thunderbolt docks. The system will restart and take a while updating the BIOS. When finished, it will boot windows. You can check your BIOS version in iCUE in the fan tab.
  11. for UWACPI and Dolby Atmos please unzip the download files first. then there there are more options with right click. for the UWACPI there is an "install" option and for Dolby Atmos there should be something like an "execute with admin rights" option
  12. regarding cpu temps you can use the Radeon Graphics (not the RX6800M) temps since this is the iGPU integrated in the CPU.
  13. 1. WiFi is as expected and should be way faster than 10Mbit/s, please try the driver from the download page first and maybe update after that, but newer isn't always better. is your router WiFi6 capable? 2. UWACPI: Right click UWACPIDriver.inf and click on "install" 3. Dolby: download the dolby drivers from the download page and run "InstallPackage.bat" 4. Atmos (after 3. licence will be activated) 5. Please download "Voyager Hub" from the Microsoft Store - this is needed to show the cooling fan tab in iCue. If it doesn't show up, only way I solved this problem is to reset windows again and do it again. - if you can switch between the settings (silent/balance/intense), this is all you get. 6. unfortunately not. you can't limit max battery level with the Voyager A1600. Maybe in the future with a BIOS/UEFI update but while the version 1.38 is dated late 2022 you shouldn't rely on that.
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