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  1. sorry if this doesnt help but I just think its hilarious somehow that I, as a german (austrian), ordered my voyager explicitly from origin (US based, to 100% ensure that I get an US Layout) but at least corsair tries to sort it out somehow.. i mean you could ask support if you can try to replace the keyboard.. just switch your old keyboard with the keyboard from the replacement model
  2. thats what i saw with the corsair driver too, limiting via usermode works for me only with stock amd driver, so basically usermode is broken with the corsair gpu driver
  3. if you repasted it correctly, i'm pretty sure you have a vapor chamber which is not correctly filled with liquid
  4. i think the only thing u can try is using user mode via bios with lowest possible watt settings. or honestly... just rma it, the voyager has some issues but this is not normal that the voyager overheats and crashes after few hours diablo4 on extreme is known, but it does not shutdown, it goes some state of protecting the cpu/gpu (blowing fans at max speed and limiting cpu to 700 MHZ or something like that until manual reboot, if you left it in this state for few minutes before you reboot, it cools really fast down and at the next boot you have a 'fresh cooled down system') if your device really gets in shutdown due to temp limits, the above does not happen, which means your hardware has to be broken, because it gets so hot it has to shutdown instead of doing the above to avoid damage.
  5. (hotspot) temps between 90-100 degrees i see as problem, 95 degrees is the thermal throttle limit, (even if corsair is not seeing this as problem and titleing this as normal), temps between 90-100 degrees constant will someday break one of your components near the heat, even if its just a small transistor/capacitor which will mostly render your device unusable (until replacment). temps on a tower should stay at max 65 degrees, temps on laptops should stay at max 85 degrees if you want to use your device longer then 2 years.
  6. no i havent, I completly remove any amd driver with the amd removal tool and afterwards i use DDU before i install new ones, if i dont do this, i had problems in the past like adrenaline not even started anymore. the new ones i download directly from amd without any modification my laptop screen stays at 240hz and i can control the brightness, i can connect 4 external monitor, i can use all features from adrenaline without issues battery drain i dont care about, my laptop is basically all the time connected via wire btw. i never noticed any issues with the battery the only thing i noticed where problems with basically every game i played with the corsair driver (crashes, overheating, stutters, lagging, problem between switching from iGPU do dGPU on external screens) since 10 months i run basically always the newest amd driver without issues (for linux and windows), without those issues i had with the corsair driver
  7. the screws for the vapor chamber are different sizes, they should be labled with colours, keep that in mind if you try top open it. but what i can say that its pretty normal what happens, even for me, mostly when i play diablo4 with settings on extreme, i can only play diablo4 without getting thermal crash after around 1-2h if i set usermode in bios with lowest possible wattage settings. staying always on newest amd stock driver has helped a lot for me., you could try that before messing with the vapor chamber also the cooler pad could be an issue, basically if the cooler pad blows the air up its good, if the cooler pad blows the air down its bad
  8. hibernate or sleep i dont use, i just turn my device on and off, which is mainly because i dont use or want to have a swap partition not even within windows, the voyager generally has some issues with with hibernate even within windows, because when i put it to sleep or hibernate its not truely asleep, if i carry it for few hours in a backpack and take it out, its basically melting hot. cpu gets powered in this state, but cooling does not work anymore, no power for the fans and vapor chamber in a really bad position for standby cooling. which leds me to always turn on and off, which i'm fine with and i have basically to do all the time because i always have to switch between windows and fedora which is what i meant with:
  9. what i can add, the slipstream intergrated device works within linux, i have a corsair headset and a corsair mouse, which i setup and connect within windows and use the same way in linux, which is pretty damn nice, no calbes, no transmitter, i just noticed that when you use multipoint slipstream, the frequencies gets lowered and shared, so i can't run freely through my house anymore with my headset, since i also connected the corsair mouse via slipstream. which makes me think i should just run the headset with its dongle.. not with the integrated slipstream device
  10. i have a write up about it on reddit: the 3 lines of code for the fingerprint sensor i contributed to libfprint which got merged recently: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/libfprint/libfprint/-/commit/682fce6a5b49841dbfa0867765417ef3ab574a31
  11. well i'm running on a voyager since +1 year now, dualboot with windows and linux, fedora runs smooth since day 1 windows had some issues, since i'm running always on latest amd driver i honestly can't complain anymore. it has some technical flaws, but for me its a great device, mainly because its able to support 4 external monitors, which basically no other laptop can
  12. i think this issue was a bios (maybe combined with amd gpu driver) issue. i flashed bios version 1.38 first from the forum over here and then the version which was published at https://www.corsair.com/de/de/s/downloads search for "a1600 bios" with bios v1.38 i did not had any problems with 240hz on the internal screen within linux or windows
  13. i'm not waiting anymore, i'm using https://drivers.amd.com/drivers/installer/23.20/whql/amd-software-adrenalin-edition-23.9.3-minimalsetup-230926_web.exe with hybrid graphics mode and i'm happy with 4 external monitors working. 240 hz and brightness control also working on the internal one. honestly i don't even blame corsair anymore for this, in my opinion its AMD's responsibility to deliver working driver for their cpu/gpu and chipsets, what they actually do i think, so i'm using them and i'm happy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as general advice, regardless of the corsair delivered or amd delivered drivers, i can just recommend to remove the actual gpu driver in safe mode with AMD tooling and DDU https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/gpu-601 https://www.wagnardsoft.com/content/Display-Driver-Uninstaller-DDU-V18068-Released download both, install ddu, run amd's removal tool, will ask you if you want to boot into safe mode, boot into safe mode, continue, after finish, dont reboot, start ddu and run it (if you want to be completly safe, reboot now, boot again into safe mode, run the procedure above again) now boot windows regularly and install amd drivers with their auto detect tool OR with the corsair provided amd gpu/chipset drivers.. as you choose, as you wish
  14. well with my apu=cpu set to 35w in usermode and processor max state 65 percent in windows powerplan settings my cpu stays at 80 degrees but still has decent clock rates. also i can say i got this cooling pad: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0174PBPS4 and it made things worse, fans constantly spinning at higher rates to maintain same temperature when its turned on, just to note it should be a cooling pad which is perfectly horizontally, because you dont want to get in troubles because your vapor chamber cant evaporate correctly anymore because its in a weird angle (happend to a lot desktop gpu consumers, mostly because the mounted their amd card vertically, which led to a state where the vapor chamber didnt function anymore) but to be said, with the laptop standing on the TURNED OFF cooling pad i get slightly better temps then without and slightly lower fans speed then without
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