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  1. Interesting... Did you ever have shutdowns? I would never want my laptop running full time at max temps.. for longevity reasons 😞 Did you disable the eGPU and notice a difference? Replacement laptop will arrive tomorrow hopefully. I am curious to see the difference. Do you think it might be power related instead of thermals then? Or just a faulty dGPU? I limited the CPU to 90% and disabled boost. Now I get no crashes but abysmal performance.
  2. New laptop will arrive in a week.. I had to switch back to the normal drivers because I kept getting shutdowns. With normal drivers I managed to "avoid crashes" by limiting the CPU to 80% inside the windows power plan. This workaround did not work with the new beta driver so I couldnt keep running them. But overall it felt more stable in windows. Even switching between screens for example. Perfomance wise I cannot have a picture because of the situation.
  3. I thought about it. But the buttons are of different shapes and the layout is different too. And the keyboard has its holes drilled to the top of the chassis making it imposible to swap without switching the whole chassis along with it. Take left Shift for example and compare it with the picture attached
  4. They shouldn't sell products if they cannot repair / replace them especially so expensive products. I am still to decide if I go the "sell everything" and look for another brand. I cannot endure this, And sorry, spending so much money and ending up with a laptop with a foreign keyboard and totally different key layout is not acceptable either. If you are in search for any pristine condition Corsair high end products hmu.. I will search for the frame generation inside Adrenalin in a bit but at first glance I do not recall seeing that option
  5. Update: Corsair is sending literally the last available laptop worldwide, but it's a DE version 😒German keyboard looks atrocious and everything will be in german on the laptop. My sweet sweet money.. Other option is to refund me, but that means I will loose close to 400-500 EUR because Amazon does not refund shipping and import taxes... In other news, the new driver looks sweet and more stable. It will release soon hopefully for the rest. Still no in game overlay though. It fixed the crashes by.. downclocking the GPU to oblivion. 1100 mhz on SW BF2 and 1300-1400 to Everspace. I used to get 100 FPS on SW and 120-130 on Everspace and now you can see the average on the screeshot. It takes into consideration the hotspot temps and does not let them pass 103 but that results in abysmal performance in my specific case. Time Spy also decreased by 1000 and now I get 9400 score. In a normal system it should be far more stable and improve perfomance. It's just the faulty gpu / thermals that force it to downlclock it to oblivion to avoid a crash If you want me to test something go ahead and ask as I wait for the replacement.
  6. I am one step away from putting every single piece of peripherals I have on ebay and say Good Riddance for ever πŸ™‚ And since the previous rep "Tyler" responded once per week AND DID NOT CARE TO DO HIS JOB PROPERLY, I just learned that I lost the replacement period by 2 days from Amazon (where I purchased it). Only refund is possible and the REMAINING laptops now costs 60% more on Amazon since when I purchased it. And the refund will not cover the 400 EUR I paid for tax and custom import duties πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ What is this travesty? What is this clown work? I DEMAND CORSAIR TO DELIVER ME A BRAND NEW VOYAGER AT MY DOOR BEFORE THIS GOES PUBLIC, I SWEAR I WILL MOVE THE WHOLE EARTH TO MAKE THIS KNOWN TO EVERY TECH YOUTUBER, EVERY COMMUNITY, EVERY SINGLE PERSON RELATED TO PC STUFF. THIS WHOLE PSYCHOLOGICAL ORDEAL I WENT THROUGH SINCE THE BEGINNING IS IRREPAIRABLE. THIS IS FAR FROM HAPPY PURCHASE. THIS IS NOT EVEN A NEUTRAL PURCHASE. THIS PURCHASE LITERALLY MADE ME LOSE MY MIND. Marcy S. (CORSAIR Support) 1 hour ago Hey Ioannis, Unfortunately if you do not wish to test the drivers, we will need to initiate a return for refund request as we do not have stock of the Voyager laptop at the moment. Please advise.
  7. Oh really! hahah well hello again 🀣 Try using GPU-Z. On the monitors section, at the bottom it displays the CPU temps and they seem accurate and correct. Laptop is great, only thing that is holding it back is software / firmware support and I dont understand why they are not pouring more resources on that part. I believe they outsourcing the software engineering part to another company, that's why there are so many delays and general "disconnect" from the laptop itself. I requested an RMA since Thursday, but support is SO slow to respond, it's usually 1 - 2 times per week and it is infuriating. I am loosing weeks for an issue that could have been resolved now. It's been a month since I opened the support ticket πŸ«₯I never had issues with Corsair support, it was one of the best, but this feels off, like something changed or this is product specific..
  8. I saw that mentioned somewhere ain the forums or reddit and I tried with the AMD driver to limit via User Mode it but again nothing changed.. I don't know what else to say really... πŸ˜•
  9. Ah I see. It reminds me of my "simple" issues that I had at first. My issues were simple at first. My LG 38GL950G was displaying green lines and crashing the system (without triggering a shutdown, only freezing until manually rebooting) when connected to the dGPU via type-c to DP. I tried everything until I gave up. Also, it should be able to run FullRGB mode but it can only run 422. Oh and after a while, although it is G sync / freesync compatible, I could not run the display with Freesync on. Now that I think about it, maybe the GPU was faulty all along? I have an extensive reddit description here and you can see some photos of the lines too: I finally accepted that I would not run freesync at all, I would run 422 mode and I would hope to at least work. But the issues came 1 after the other. And now the shutdowns, I think it's a clear indicator that the GPU is faulty.
  10. When opened Paste was evenly spread both on the dye and the cooler which displayed proper contact and the pads were not too thick to cause concern. The same shutdown happens in Balanced mode too even though the performance is worse than Extreme. I am beggining to accept that the laptop is faulty..
  11. Thought about bad copper milling or something, but then overall temps would have been worse too. In fact, overall temps dropped after repasting, especially idle temps. But hotspot temps again jumped to 105 and lead to shutdown. Thermal pads were pressed down and had the marks of the components embedded on them, which means they made contact. I am not aware if they were any pads completely missing, because I do not know how many there should be normally . But the ones that were present on the components made proper contact. IF they forgot to put a thermal pad somewhere I have no way of knowing that..
  12. I tried User mode but it does not change a thing. I even put 65W for dGPU but instead it went full wattage. It does not limit anything. I never experiencesd this thing that you describe. I never had it happend once since I got the laptop. If that is a feature, mine does not use this cooling down mode. It just shuts down in an instant and then boots extremely slowly and usually with the peripherals connected to the usb slots turned off (I have to reconnect them). I expected this laptop to have some issues but not to that extend. I am really tech savvy and built my own PCs since 14 yo, and I figured I could tackle minor annoyances. But I never thought this would happen. I asked for RMA and sent a replacement but support is slow.. πŸ˜•
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