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  1. Just an update from me. I had 2 bsod fails on my i145s in its first 18 months (bought Dec 2020) . First time replaced under warranty (July 2021), second time they sent me a different and heatsinked ssd to fit myself (Corsair MP600 LPX) see my earlier posts. The MP600 was installed in May 2022 and so far no problems. Only other change being Windows 11 upgrade over the period since.
  2. Check out the discussion on the Blue Screens thread.
  3. The MP600 pro lpx I have is 11mm including the heatsink, so 7mm should be good. Braided cables sitting over the fan will be the issue I guess.
  4. With the GPU refitted the black fabric cables pretty much cover the SSD.
  5. Sorry don’t have before data. Currently running bios default fan control, and temp is 53….. which is slightly hotter than i would like. What ought to be usable airflow over the SSD is I think compromised by the GPU flat cables, which a) largely occupy the airspace over the SSD and b) as you can see in the photo serve to stop heat coming off the SSD; note the fabric and foil. I suspect the nature and position of the GPU cables are material to the overheating issue.
  6. I have fitted a Corsair MP600 Pro ssd to replace the original failed SSD. It fits on my i145s although the flat cables connecting the GPU to the front of the motherboard make contact with the heatsink.
  7. Part of any diagnosis should be to check if the ssd is still visible in the bios.
  8. Any views on whether the 980 evo heatsink drive will fit? Think it is about 8mm thick vs around 2.8mm for the 970 evo/plus?
  9. My wife thinks the C1 is Corsair’s 737 Max. Without doubt the most disappointing (and expensive) piece of tech I have ever bought. Replaced under warranty after 7 months, and has just started failing again at around the 14 month mark. We’ll see what happens next. Have just completed my own first PC build using a Meshify 2 Compact case and mostly Asus internals. Much fun.
  10. Agree with the comments and sentiments in this thread. Thanks to users who have posted fix related stuff. Bought an i145s in December 2020 from Corsair web store (UK) and it started failing in June 21 (you all know why.) Finally replaced under warranty by Corsair in September 21. The replacement now looks like it is starting to fail too after 3 months of use……. Seems to be a far from an isolated issue and I am really not convinced this thing is fit for purpose.
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