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  1. Hello, I bought my i164 about 10 months ago, running Windows 10 and so far the experience was great. A about 1-2 weeks ago, I started getting repetitive BSoDs. Sometimes the PC would just blink back into boot. Sometimes a BSoD would appear for a quick second, not even enough for me to see what is the error, and afterwards there is no memory dump to explore. Sometimes the UI would crash, things like start menu, chrome, becoming unresponsive followed by a crash or freeze. Today things got worse, with the BSoD taking me directly to bios. After choosing 'exit', bios menu shows up again. Only after turning the PC off and back on I managed to boot back into Windows. These happen multiple times a day, not related to the PC getting hot or under stress, sometimes when I'm not even using it. On the contrary, it has yet to crash when I play video intensive game. I fear this is the SSD failing. Or otherwise a bad driver. I tried rolling back to Nvidia drivers from 3 months ago but still having the same issue. Can anyone recommend how to identify and debug this issue? trying to figure out the cause of this but not sure where to start. Thanks,
  2. Hello, I actually have the same clicking noises, usually when I boot the PC from an off or sleep state. Have to say I assumed this is normal until I came across this thread. I do not live at 6000ft elevation... :) But the PC was most likely air shipped to me (over 10 months ago) if that might be relevant. Wondering if you ever found a reason or a solution to this? Cheers
  3. Thank you, now I know this is probably not a HW defect. I just need to debug why my monitor is not playing sounds.
  4. Hi everyone, So this might be a really silly question, but does the Corsair One has built-in speakers? Everything works fine, but there is absolutely no sound. I have two sound output devices: Realtek Digital Output LG FULLHD (My monitor, connected with HDMI) Both devices don't produce any sound. Connecting headphones to the front panel works fine and I get clear audio in my headphones. Connecting headphones to my monitor's audio jack works as well (so HDMI cable is definitely carrying audio to my monitor). It feels like there's something really basic I'm missing, but I can't figure it out. Any ideas? Thanks!
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