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  1. Hey Echo! Yea thought about that also... would be way more cost effective to just keep the case and update the mobo, processor, and ram for sure. I guess I'm just looking for something new and shiny. Maybee updated locations for plug and play/updated USB. I hope they focus more on performance cooling, looked like last couple series models especially those with Ryzen 5900+ where running way to hot 🔥 for my liking.
  2. So you guys know I've been around since the beginning of the C1 under the name ZGUY85. Not sure what it shows now with new forum changes. I am super excited and finally going to make the jump from the OG C1 with the 7700K and 1080GTX to the New C1 coming with Alder Lake. I have updated the OG with a 750W Power Supply upgraded RAM and most impressively, a 3070RTX. But, I'm, itching for that new model about to come out. Corsair Devs!, Dustin!, anyone. Any tip as to when it will be released. I want to be your first customer! Love you guys.
  3. Wow, nice to see Corsair One is still alive. Already upgraded my OG C1 with a 3070. Will be holding out for Intel's Alder Lake CPU with their newer 7nm and faster DDR5 memory support later this year. Interesting that the AMD version comes with Windows Home while the Intel variant comes with Windows Pro. Great Job C1 Team!
  4. I did this same thing and gave my old 1080 to a friend. I was able to locate a universal aftermarket cooler for like $60, mounted it and gave it to my friends son as a gift. Here is a link. Manufacture Link - https://www.arctic.de/en/products/cooling/gpu-cooler/ Amazon Link - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007YLUCKQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If your handy and take your time, it's pretty simple.
  5. @Danielpad11 Many of us have already updated our legacy and newer C1's with 3000 Series NVidia cards already. Just check out this post I did with mine. It was pretty simple. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=202276
  6. Did u do the new windows 20H2 update recently when problem started occuring?
  7. Thanks Corsair Mint, just needed to read your words and hear your voice. I feel better now love you!
  8. Good point on the 3000 series availability. I just wish they would communicate that. What really unnerves me is that they have the audacity to charge $3500 for outdated hardware. People buying the top C1 models and honestly any C1 model at this point are being taken advantage of by Corsair and that turns my stomach. The top model the a100 selling for $3999 (before tax) comes with an old 2080TI. There should not be a single model with a 2080TI running more than $2899. In my opinion, Corsair Sales team is not managing pricing effectively or these PC's still being pushed as a specialty/one of a kind product. Like the iPhone If the Corsair One was to be a "Specialty" or "Luxury" Product. Corsair has failed in the following areas. Like the iPhone, you need certain things in place for this type of product to be successful or its game over. #1. Marketing - We all know this product was limited in this area. Most of us found out about this product either through friends, online reviews, or just blindly stumbled upon it. This product had poor marketing and barely any promotion. #2. Quality Support. I've been following this forum from the beginning and have seen just about every post on it along with every call for help. I've seen many of Moderators assist and help many of customers on here even myself assisting personally with trouble tickets and continuing to follow up with customers. BUT, there have been may areas where the ball has been dropped from Driver availability / to engineering complications / to replacement part unavailability. Consistency overall in this product has improved, but really had a tough start like most. Consistency in these areas is essential. #3. Customer Engagement. This area has been absolutely the worst. There is no engagement from Corsair Team AT ALL speaking on the future of what this product has to hold. Look at Apple's iPhone or goPRO or any specialty product. They have their own dedicated social media sites and are all over social media. This is a "Specialty Product" that does not have any of that but THIS forum. #4. A Path Forward. This product again Fails to show a road forward other than sporadic releases just about unannounced. This is fine with any other product. But, you cannot do this with a "Specialty" product. What if Apple or Samsung never started planning for their next release and did not have their product on Social Media or ANY Marketing. You probably would not buy it and they absolutely wouldn't last long against competition. My point. Corsair listen CAREFULLY, you cannot charge $3500-$4000 and call this a Specialty Product when you as a company are failing BASIC principles for providing said product to the market. You will lose your base with this product. To me it is not a Specialty product and you absolutely shouldn't be selling anything at such a premier price while failing the basics with up marked PC's with outdated hardware. I am a stockholder in your Company and I am not happy, either fix the prices or get it together. Customers come first.
  9. Corsair, you know I love your C1 Line up series, been around since the beginning with the product and here on the forum. I even recently updated my OG C1 with a new PSU with a MSI 3070rtx which is running beautifully. Question, what's going on? It is now mid February 2021 and your TOP C1 models are being sold for a premium $3500 with OLD OUTDATED NVIDIA 2000 series GPU! -- This alone is very very alarming and frankly TAKING ADVANTAGE of customers who are ignorant. SHAME on your sales department. Could you give us something. New model coming? Ideas from the engineering team? Complications? Any new conversations regarding new models? What... is.... going... on???? There has been absolutely no feedback on this forum from Engineers, Dev's, Mods as to what is happening. This seriously leaves a feeling of being left in the Dark by a company and really doesn't build any confidence moving forward with the C1 Series, stay engaged with your base it means a lot to us. THIS IS A FORUM. Consistency!! Many of us have performed upgrades, but are curious of what the future holds for C1. Many are exhausted waiting for updates on the product and will be looking to put our allegiance and confidence elsewhere. Consistent communication from the company would do a lot for the product and its disappointing to see there's no communication until asked with nothing said other than, "sorry no information to share at this time." It's been about a year now and when asked it's always, "nothing to share at this time".... wowww ya says a lot. Sounds like corporate games now that Corsair's Stock price and investors are at stake. Am I not wrong??? You're hurting your base. MODS and Reps.... I understand your lips have been sealed, this is unfortunate. V/R -Justin
  10. Yes, the link remains dead. I got you guys. Here's is my personal link. This was originally from Corsair. This link is not from Corsair, it's from my Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1shmSKFJrV6X3lXVMNPKzExTHEq2VC5IV/view?usp=sharing
  11. Here's your answer, after running for a bit that is normal. I have the same Samsung NVME and normally run the main fan max setting to keep it below 65c. C1 currently isn't designed to keep an NVME cool in that tight space. All you can do is run the main fan faster and louder. Those Samsungs perform great but they get hot hot.
  12. Repaste its happening to everyone lately.
  13. Yea it's time to paste again. Everybody who has the OG C1's seems to be having the same issues lately. Repaste and keepin on!
  14. Hey Boredinahotel, 100C is extremely high. I personally don't feel comfortable with anything over 80 and once things hit 85 they start to act funny. If you at 100!!!! You have a serious cooling problem on your hands. Where to start? First and foremost I would check the integrity of your CPU cooler attached to the CPU, if it offsets even just the slightest, sometimes it can cause these issues. I would take it off, make sure the TIM is good and then reattach it see if it makes any difference. Addionally, while you have the case open, power it on and see if you can hear the pump working on the AIO.
  15. Just says that because its a modified version of their bios from Corsair, it should allow you to push it. That one I think is loaded differently then the M Flash.... Follow the directions in provided link.
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