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  1. Hi all Ok, so I intend to build my son his first proper gaming pc that isn't one of my old hand-me-downs. I've never build a PC with an AIO or as much RGB before, so this is confusing the heck out of me and I'm struggling to find the exact answer to my query. Basically, I have the 240mm H100i elite Cappelix. as well as 4 additional ML120 fans (I read the Cappelix came with ML so wanted the same throughout). I also bought a Commander Pro as I have the Corsair LED expansion kit that I wish to daisy chain around his case. Reading random posts on here is giving me the impression that I CAN connect and power the commander Core via the Pro, but I CAN'T control or adjust the lighting properly, and sometimes the fans aren't being detected?!?! I had it in my head that the all the fans will connect to the Cores RGB ports, and the PWM will go into the Pro along with the RGB lighting strips power. I could then create some flowing RBG patterns that would pass through all fans and strips together. OR is it just a case that I have to connect the USB power and Sata for the Core to their own supplies for the lighting to be detected and adjustable? I'm starting the build in a couple of days when the rest of his parts arrive, but this Core/Pro stuff is giving me sleepless nights lol. Thanks in advance.
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