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  1. Hello, It would be awesome if you added percentage numbers of how much battery there is on the device, for all your wireless products in the ICUE, right now low/mid/high is okay, but having a mere exact number for how much is left, mostly needed when the devices in down in the low range, will help us to know if we need to hurry and put it in the charger, or if we can wait a bit. So I hope you'll consider adding this. (most other software and brands has this function, so you should too) :)
  2. Another question, I use the feed function to see if there is new content I wanna read, but things from the other language sections pops up there too, is there anyway to exclude sections?
  3. Hello Corsair, Please please please add two-facter authentication to the forum!
  4. Hello, Been some times since I got a new keyboard, its was the K95 platinum, so been some time. It is now time for a new one, but I am really unsure which to get, What is the newest and best Corsair keyboard? It needs to be: Wired RGB ICUE compatible Full size prefer with G keys, but can live without High polling rate Media keys Strong keycaps (Keys are missing on my current one, due to the plastic inside the key which holds them connected to the keyboard being broken: ) I also have the option to order replacement keycaps, that is also an option, since I am glad for my k95 plat, so also thinking about odering that and wait for a new model of keyboard, since it seems like the last keyboard which has the requirements that I am looking for is starting to become pretty old and I would hate ordering a new keyboard just to see a new model coming out soon after, I know Corsair can't comment on upcoming products, so asking them if I should wait is not an option. thoughts?
  5. Okay, thanks for the info, will have a look at those. Still don't understand why it takes over a month for it to get to the store.
  6. and now back to 09-03-2023, hmm.. Not sure I want to wait that long, should maybe just go look for another brand for the rad.
  7. Now the estimated date changed to 24-02-2023
  8. I've ordered this item 20 days ago, from a store here in my country. Estimated date of delivering is unknown, but the stores guess currently is 06-03-2023, but that date keeps going up and up. I know there is a chip shortage, but this is a rad? Why does it take so long time for the store to get the item fro you, Corsair? It's the only thing I am missing now to start my 7000X build, I could go for another brand of rad, but I like and prefer Corsair, but I can't wait months to get started.
  9. Hello, I have the K95 platinum and been using it a few years now, around 2 years old. I mostly game CSGO on it and lately been experiencing that my A and SHIFT button stops working randomly for a few seconds. Which is not good playing CSGO, since it prevents me from moving the way I need to. I am not sure what the cause of this is, since it is randomly I wouldn't suspect that it's because the buttons are dead. Is it maybe a software issue? or just the buttons are dieing slowly? I would guess that it is way to soon for the keyboard to die? is it really already time to get a new keyboard?
  10. Thank for the feedback @c-attack, my CPU is just a small AMD Ryzen™ 3 3200G and the loop is with GPU, m.2 and RAM water blocks aswell, so nothing fancy. So I'll take that the XC5 would be fine?
  11. It's time for me to upgrade my CPU water block and ofc I want Corsair, always. But I have a hard time understanding what the difference is between the different models, Tried doing some googling, but didn't get much from that. So I am asking here if anyone can explain me what the difference are between them and therefor help me decide which to get.
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